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SERKEMA NO-23 March 2011

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Harar home stay: living in a traditional African home
by Sean McLachlan/Highly known European writer with 10,million loyal followers is now building the image of EAST focusing on Harar.Serkema knows him while he is participating in one of Harari language classes, and shares you with one of his many best articles./
If you're staying for any length of time in a place, the best way to experience the local culture is through a home stay. Luckily Harar has a
number of traditional homes offering spare rooms. A local guide showed me a few and I chose one hidden away in a small alley not far from the Catholic mission. This is the neighborhood that got Harar a UNESCO religious tolerance award because there's an Ethiopian Orthodox Church, a Catholic mission, and several mosques all within sight of each other. Walking home I use three minarets and a giant cross as landmarks.
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