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Free security software to protect your PC from malware


A good firewall will also make your computer more secure. Firewall programs render your computer invisible to hackers' probes. Hackers run scanning programs over the Internet, looking for computers with electronic openings, called ports. Good firewalls make your computer invisible to the scanners. As with antivirus software, don't run multiple firewalls. They will conflict.

Free firewalls:
     • Zone Alarm
     • Outpost Firewall
     • PC Tools Firewall

Anti-spyware software

Spyware and adware are other big threats to computer security. Spyware tracks your Web surfing and reports your interests to a computer on the Internet. Adware sits on your computer and feeds you ads. Both spyware and adware will slow your machine.

You need programs to keep spyware and adware from taking root. And you need other programs to annihilate spyware and adware that collects on your computer. You should use multiple anti-spyware programs on your computer. Unlike antivirus software and firewalls, they won't conflict.

Free anti-spyware programs:
     • Ad-Aware
     • Spybot Search & Destroy
     • Microsoft Windows Defender
     • SpywareBlaster

Safe Browsing

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is rife with security holes. Over the years, many of these security problems have been patched through Windows updates. But new ones continue to appear. I recommend that you switch to the Firefox browser. It's free. I think it is inherently safer.
     • Firefox Web Browser

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     • Secure your home wireless network
     • Drive-by downloads and other online dangers
     • Rootkits: a new security threat
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Find scholarships to pay for college

Millions of scholarships are awarded to students every year. And they’re not just for straight-A students and exceptional athletes. There is an amazing variety of scholarships is available.

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Securing your comuter before going online

First, you’ll need a firewall. I recommend enabling the Windows firewall for now. Then, download ZoneAlarm. Turn off the Windows firewall and install ZoneAlarm.

Next, you’ll need one antivirus program. I recommend avast!, PC Tools AntiVirus or AVG.

Finally, you’ll need two or more anti-spyware programs. Unlike firewalls and antivirus programs, anti-spyware programs won’t conflict. Try Windows Defender, Spybot  and Ad-Aware. They’ll all do the trick.

Now, that’s only part of the security equation. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve locked down your wireless network. I’ve got a tip that covers that in depth.

For  Mac users , my helpful tip will tell you what you need.

Cool freebies for digital photos

PhotoFilmStrip – Slide shows have been around since, well, photos came on slides. They’re still a great way to share photos. And constructing them is easier than ever. This program produces high-quality slide shows.

Pictomio – This is an attractive tool for organizing and viewing photos. You can create photo albums without moving or copying files. And its geotagging features are really well done. You can plot entire trips using photos and Google Maps.

Google Picasa – Taking and editing photos is fun. Keeping them organized is not. And digging through folder after folder looking for photos is the worst. Google Picasa makes organizing them easy. You’ll never lose your photos again.

GIMP – Some photo-editing software is extremely powerful. Photoshop is the standard. But it’s expensive. Try GIMP instead. It can handle nearly any editing task. Advanced users will feel right at home.

virtualPhotographer – You may be really into photography. If so, paying for a photo-editing program might make sense. But they include so many tools. Even pros get confused. This program plugs into tools like Photoshop. You can apply professional effects with a single button.

An easy way to install must-have programs

Ninite is a really handy solution. It downloads and installs dozens of free programs with one click. It does all the heavy lifting for you. Just choose which programs you want from a list. All will be installed automatically. Read More

ፊደል Geez or Amharic Fonts

Visual Geez Font "VG2 Main" font which is used in many web sites.

Visual Geez Net Visual Geez New is free Unicode standard compliant Geez software that can be used with Outlook express, MSN chat, and Feedback and Discussion Forums.

Visual Geez Unicode Update Download a free upgrade to the standard version of Visual Geez from Visual Geez 2000. This download also fixes some problems in the early version of Visual Geez Unicode.

Geez unicode software Geez Unicode is compatible with windows 95/98/NT/2000 and XP. You can use Geez Unicode to send instant messages in Amharic or Tigrigna to anyone in your contact list using MSN Messenger. The procedure is simple, start Geez Unicode and change the font in your MSN Messenger to Geez Unicode.

Simplify bulk e-mail sending

Sending e-mail to large groups is tough. But it's far from impossible. This program will simplify things.
Click Here


Retrieve lost Windows product key
Computers occasionally break down. And sometimes reinstalling Windows is the best fix. It gives you a clean slate to begin again. Now where did you leave the box your Windows disc came in?If you can’t find it, you could be in trouble. To combat piracy, Windows requires a product key for installation. That key is printed somewhere on the packaging. But many people keep the disc and toss the box.

A better calculator for your PC Everyone needs a calculator. And the one in Windows works well. But here’s one that provides a simulated tape. Cost: Free Link: Systems: Windows XP and Vista



Make movies of your computer screen Showing someone how to do something is easier than telling. Today's download helps you record your PC screen. Cost: Free Link: System: Windows XP and Vista



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